Two Thin Coats

Painting Guides

Craftworld Guardians WIP & mini-Dry Brushing tutorial
Simple, Colourful Zombie flesh tutorial
by Rico
Dark Imperium Bloat Drone Painting Tutorial by Golden Daemon winner Rico Chia

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Glazing - Warhammer TV's Tip of the Day
Technical Gemstone Paints Tutorial by GW
Warhammer TV tutorials

Warhammer TV has put up some awesome videos this year and have a great range of painting tutorials for the more recent releases so we're consolidating them on the Two Thin Coats page for easy reference for our readers.

*best seen on desktop

Painting Rust:

Death Guard Vectorum using cream method:

Primaris Marines in Dark Angel colours:

Inceptor in Blood Angel colours:

Quick and Easy DG Blight Launcher Conversion

Space Marines and the Big FAQ

April 24, 2018

GW FAQ - The Big One (and one man's thoughts on the changes)

April 17, 2018

Board Control 101

March 15, 2018

Screening 101

February 6, 2018

Singapore's 40k Invitationals 2017 & year-in-review

December 31, 2017

Blood Angels and Dark Angels First Impressions

December 19, 2017

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