Review - White Dwarf December 2017

December 1, 2017


This month's White Dwarf is so full of stuff I don't even know where to begin. As you can see, it even comes with its own plastic wrap to keep all that Christmas-goodness fresh for you.


Of particular note is the release of "Old Earth", the next tale in the epic series that is the Horus Heresy and in this one, Vulkan heads to Terra! It's been building for many years now but we're finally seeing all the legions heading back towards Terra (from Imperium Secundus in "Ruinstorm" as well) for the fateful final showdown (which I suspect, will still be at least another 8+ novels away at the very least).


As mentioned above, this month's White Dwarf contains goodies for so many games systems like a new quest for Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhall, Battle Reports for all of GW's major games and releases (AoS, Middle-earth, 40k and Necromunda), deck building tips for Shadespire, and the running of Bloodbowl leagues. It also includes new rules for Space Hulk in the form of using Genestealer Cults and a new mission for those who own the game and want to give it a go during this festive season. Anyone who owns or is interested in any of these games will have a reason to grab this month's issue.


For those who missed out their local Armies on Parade weekend/s (Unfortunately I had to as well...), some of the entries from GW's head office are featured for your viewing pleasure and inspiration for future entries should you dare your hand at this annual event.



Fans of Aeldari models will want to check out Gavin Beardsmore's "Masque of the Silent Shroud" harlequin host and their bright, orange colours. While a number of topics were touch-and-go with this issue of White Dwarf, the inclusiveness of having something for everyone is what makes the year end issue awesome (thus the review score). That said, I'm looking forward to the Blood Angel and Dark Angel Codex releases this month as the former are the first army I started 40k with all the way back in 3rd edition and from what I hear, are going to be extremely close to lore and an assault-oriented army. Till next time, Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Verdict: 8/10

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